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The Shabazz Family

When I was 48 years old I found out that my maternal grandmother was Clarissa Little. Clarissa was the brother of Earl Little, the father of Malcolm Little. Malcolm Little went on to become Malcolm X.

This was news to our family. My mother had grown up in the 30’s & 40’s in Alabama. At that time it was difficult to survive being a product of a mixed marriage. My mother spent her life trying to protect me and my siblings from the pain that she suffered. She led us to believe that her mother died many years ago which is why we never met her.

My mother’s mind was overrun by Alzheimer’s Disease. This made it impossible for her to keep the family secret any longer. We then reconnected with cousins that we had not had contact with for many years (under threat from my mother) and verified our heritage. My mother had always told us that her mother was a Cherokee Indian.

My goal is to connect with the Shabazz family and verify our heritage.

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